Jaime’s Quilt

Jaime’s Quilt

Jenna and her son Jaime were searching the internet in hopes of finding a quilt to replace Jaime’s worn childhood comforter that had a sailboat appliqué on it.

Jaime is a special needs teenager (autistic) and his baby blanket has always been a comfort to him especially when he was sick or sad. They came across my blog entry ‘Ronan’s Quilt‘ and Jaime liked the blue and green fabrics even though his favorite colors are reds and blues.

Jenna contacted me and I had the great pleasure of making a quilt especially for Jaime. Since I made the quilt just for him, I made the quilt a little larger than Ronan’s and I was sure to add a few red sailboats.

Jaime loves his new quilt and says it reminds him of being at his Papa’s house on the ocean, his favorite place on earth! Coincidentally, the quilt was delivered on a day that he was home sick. His mom took this picture of him all cozy and snuggled under his new quilt.

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  1. Great blog!! I am sure Jaime will treasure this special quilt you made for him (including the red sailboats).

  2. Sarah Lake

    Mom, great blog! Your quilts touch people’s lives in so many different ways. Your talents amaze me more and more every day, keep up the great work!

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