Jaime’s Quilt

Jaime’s Quilt

Jenna and her son Jaime were searching the internet in hopes of finding a quilt to replace Jaime’s worn childhood comforter that had a sailboat appliqué on it.

Jaime is a special needs teenager (autistic) and his baby blanket has always been a comfort to him especially when he was sick or sad. They came across my blog entry ‘Ronan’s Quilt‘ and Jaime liked the blue and green fabrics even though his favorite colors are reds and blues.

Jenna contacted me and I had the great pleasure of making a quilt especially for Jaime. Since I made the quilt just for him, I made the quilt a little larger than Ronan’s and I was sure to add a few red sailboats.

Jaime loves his new quilt and says it reminds him of being at his Papa’s house on the ocean, his favorite place on earth! Coincidentally, the quilt was delivered on a day that he was home sick. His mom took this picture of him all cozy and snuggled under his new quilt.

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Riley and his Baby Quilt

Riley and his Baby Quilt

This is Riley, a satisfied customer in Massachusetts.

My friend Lorraine (Riley’s grandmother) selected the hot air baloon fabric for his quilt. I chose the sky blue and grass green for the coordinating fabrics. Looks like Riley likes our selections!

Riley and his baby quiltRiley and his baby quiltHot Air Baloon Baby Quilt

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Zachary and his Baby Quilt

Zachary and his Baby Quilt

This is Zachary, a satisfied customer in New Jersey.

Zachary is clearly enjoying his string quilt made in shades of blues and greens. Read more about Zachary in one of my previous blog posts.

Zachary and his baby quilt

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Ronan and his Baby Quilt

Ronan and his Baby Quilt

This is Ronan, a satisfied customer from Northern Ireland with his sailboat quilt. He looks as if he is about to “drift off” any moment.

Ronan and his sailboat quiltSailboat Quilt

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Bridget and her Baby Quilt

Bridget and her Baby Quilt

This is Bridget, a satisfied customer in Massachusetts.

My daughter Sarah chose this Peter Rabbit fabric with images by Beatrix Potter and asked me to make this quilt for Bridget, her good friend’s baby.

Bridget and her Beatrix Potter baby quiltBeatrix Potter baby quilt

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Charlotte and her Baby Quilt

Charlotte and her Baby Quilt

This is Charlotte, a satisfied customer in Massachusetts.

Charlotte’s pastel colored quilt was made with reproduction fabrics from the 1930′s and 1940′s.

Charlotte and her baby quiltCharlotteReproduction fabric baby quit





Charlotte’s beautiful smile proves she is still a happy customer three years later!

Charlotte is a big girl now

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Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

While skimming through a magazine the other day I came across an article about butterfly gardens. Since it was such a beautiful day, my husband and I went to our local nursery with a shopping list.







We bought Coneflower, Aster, Gailardia and Wee Willie Mix. We also purchased some Curly Parsley in which butterflies like to lay their eggs.








Other choices for our garden could have included Black-Eyed Susan, Gayfeather, Orange Butterfly Milkweed and Bee Balm but sadly I could not find all of these.








Dill is another option for butterfly eggs. Some of these plants also attract hummingbirds as an added bonus!

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Ashleigh’s Wonky Quilt

Ashleigh’s Wonky Quilt

I recently had an order from my daughter Sarah’s co-worker Alecia. She wanted to surprise her daughter with a quilt for her 16th birthday. I decided the wonky pieced pattern that I had made for Sarah would be perfect for Ashleigh as well. This pattern is very young and contemporary in my opinion. I chose blues, purples and limes for my palette.






The center square is cut slightly on an angle on two sides. Then as each strip is sewn onto the center piece, it too is cut at a slight angle. Ergo, a wonky pieced block.







Here is Ashleigh’s completed quilt!







Hope she loves it. Happy Sweet Sixteen Ashleigh!

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My husband Eric bought me a new digital camera for Christmas. Since I like to carry my camera in my pocketbook and did not want the LCD screen to get scratched, I made myself the perfect little gadget bag to protect my camera. The best part of this project is that I only needed to use scrap materials! Here are directions that I used to make a bag that fit my camera snugly.

1. Cut (2) 5 ½” x 3 ¾” pieces of batting, outside fabric and inside fabric.








2. Layer one piece of batting, on piece of the inside fabric right side up and one piece of the outside fabric right side down creating a fabric sandwich. Do the same with the remaining pieces.








3. Stitch ¼” along the 3 ¾” side of the fabric sandwich. Do the same with the other sandwich.

4. Fold the top fabric so that the batting is now on the inside of the fabric sandwich and stitch ¼” along the same 3 ¾” side. Do the same for both fabric sandwiches.








5. Place the sandwiches right sides together and stitch ¼” along each of the 5 ½” sides backstitching at the top for strength. Then stitch ¼” along the bottom of the bag.








6. Turn the bag right side out and insert your camera!

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I have come across another wonderful volunteer organization that makes and donates knitted and crocheted afghans to our wounded veterans. Rectangle 6 x 9 asks for donations of just that; acrylic rectangles of 6” x 9” in solid, variegated and neutral colors. Four times a year there is a “put together event” where the rectangles are sorted by color then sewn together to make complete afghans. They are then donated to the following hospitals.

  • Washington Veterans Affairs Medical Center « Washington D.C.
  • Craig Joint Theatre Hospital « Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan
  • Andrews Air Force Base Overnight Facility « Maryland
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center « Washington, D.C.
  • Brooke Army Medical Center « Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Eisenhower Army Medical Center « Fort Gordon, GA
  • Madigan Army Medical Center « Fort Lewis, WA
  • Womack Army Medical Center « Fort Bragg, NC
  • Landstuhl Regional Medical Center« Germany
  • Bethesda Naval Hospital « Maryland

There are volunteers from all 50 states and D.C. When checking out this site be sure to click on “photos” and see a few of the 2,800 afghans completed then donated by this great organization. There are even directions on how to make the rectangles. The most important thing is to keep the size of each block a consistent 6 X 9.







I made these rectangles in a double crochet. This is just the beginning as I plan to make many more this winter! Please consider contributing to this organization. If you don’t knit or crochet click on their “wish list” and give in one of those ways.

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I finally completed the “comfortghan” that I committed to make as a member of American Angels. I had the option of sending it to either the army medical center in Texas or directly to Iraq. The postage is the same for either hospital.

The U.S. address:
US Brooke Army Medical Center
ATTN: Gift Coordinator
Amputee Dept Bldg 3600
3851 Roger Brooke Drive
Ft Sam Houston, TX 78234-6200

The Iraq address:
APO AE 09315-9997

American Comfortghan






I enclosed a thank you note for the recipient thanking him or her for their service and sacrifice with my first name, city and town. This is an extremely worthy cause. It is the least we can do for the honorable men and women that selflessly protect our nation.

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Sarah’s Wonky Piecing Quilt

Sarah’s Wonky Piecing Quilt

I recently made a lap quilt for my daughter Sarah. She wanted a quilt in black, white and turquoise and I wanted to make a quilt that was fast, fun and easy. I had taken a class given by authors Jane Davila and Elin Waterson from their book “Art Quilt Workbook.” This book is inspirational with easy to follow instructions and helpful illustrations. This quilt was done in “wonky piecing” as shown in Chapter Five; Exercise Two.







Sarah loved the final product and I had a great time piecing and quilting it!

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